Workplace Benefits

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Many companies are discovering the power of a robust package of workplace benefits for their employees to help the business really stand out in a crowded industry. People want to work for a company that cares about its people enough to go beyond typical work benefits and offer these five types of coverage.

Long Term Care Insurance

Traditional medical insurance is great for covering costs of everyday medical care, but long-term care insurance is critical for those who suffer a debilitating illness or injury that requires ongoing intervention. Long-term care can include hospice stays or even home modifications to accommodate a medical condition.

Disability Insurance

For workers who suffer a medical condition that is serious enough to leave them unable to do the job they once did, disability insurance among their workplace benefits is a lifesaver. Employees whose companies offer disability insurance are able to adjust their lives to the changes, knowing that they have ongoing financial stability.

Accident Insurance

Some six million Americans are involved in a car crash every year, and many more are injured in accidents at home or elsewhere. Unfortunately, many people find that there is little or no insurance coverage to help them pay medical bills after an accident. Employees who have accident insurance among their work benefits, though, can rest easy knowing that if they are seriously injured, they will be covered.

Critical Illness/Cancer Insurance

A nagging concern for many people is the chance that they may have cancer or another life-changing illness. Critical illness/cancer insurance helps put their minds at ease that, if they get a diagnosis of any type of cancer, they will be covered for the most effective treatment available, without concern for the cost of the medical bills.

Universal Life Insurance

Almost nobody thinks that they will die soon, and so many people of working age don’t think of getting universal life insurance. This coverage is crucial for families of people who die unexpectedly. Employees who have this workplace benefit have the advantage of knowing that their loved ones will be provided for, even if they were to die suddenly.


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