Hurricane Insurance

As a general rule, homeowners’ insurance does not cover hurricane damage. In fact, many policies specifically exclude hurricane coverage in their policies as well as flood damage. Others specify that repairs of hurricane damage are subject to a higher deductible. You’ll wish you had hurricane insurance and your mortgage lender may require it if you live in states prone to hurricanes, such as Florida, or if you live near a coastline.

What is It?

This type of insurance usually consists of a package of insurance policies that protect you from all the different types of damage a hurricane can cause. Your coverage should protect you from damage caused by high winds as well as any caused by flood waters. Your policy packet is specifically designed to cover the damage your homeowners’ policy won’t so you’re protected if the worst happens.

What Types of Insurance are Available?

There are two types of hurricane insurance you need to be aware of. One covers structural damage and so pays for repairs to your home’s foundation, HVAC systems, carpet and built-in appliances. This type of insurance also offers a personal property option, which covers items in the home, such as televisions, clothing, washers dryers and artwork. It is best to have both types of coverage.

How Does it Work?

After the storm, you’ll inventory the items that were lost or damaged and then submit the inventory, along with any claim forms, to your insurance company. They will then reimburse you for the value of your loss less your deductible. You may need to submit written estimates of repairs for structural damage, as well. it is a good idea to keep a running inventory of major purchases and their value as you purchase them. Store this list in a water-tight, fireproof safe so you have it readily available if you need to make a claim.

What are the Benefits?

With the right coverage, the benefits of insurance protections against hurricanes can be priceless. Depending on your policy, you may be covered for:

• temporary housing expenses
• home repairs
• clothing replacement
• furniture and bedding replacement
• appliance replacement or repair

Post-hurricane expenses can add up in a hurry, but with the proper insurance coverage you’ll have help putting the pieces back together after the storm, no matter how many pieces there are. Without insurance, you could be left to fix the damage and replace lost items on your own.


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