Meet Our Team

Chelsea Appleton
Associate Agent

Hi there! I’m Chelsea Appleton, born and raised in the heart of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. After earning my degree in business management, I found my passion in the insurance industry, where I’ve been for the past two enriching years.

What truly drives me is the opportunity to help and educate others. Whether it’s guiding clients through their insurance needs or sharing knowledge with those around me, I find immense fulfillment in making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Beyond my professional endeavors, my world revolves around my wonderful children. They bring so much joy and meaning to my life, and you’ll often find me cheering them on at their various activities or simply enjoying quality time together.

Community is important to me, which is why I’m actively involved in my church. Volunteering there allows me to give back in meaningful ways, especially through initiatives like backpack and shoe giveaways that benefit the kids in our community.

In essence, I’m just a small-town girl with big dreams of making a difference, both in my family’s life and in the lives of those around me.

Sean O’Donohoe
Agency Owner

I am a Personal Financial Representative who has been in the insurance industry over twenty years. I truly enjoy the opportunity of helping people protect their assets.
Born and raised in Galveston County, I am a 3rd Generation BOI (Born On the Island). I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1996 with a Bachelors in Business Administration.
I truly enjoy meeting people and learning about their life story, because everyone is so different and interesting. I like helping people protect the assets they have acquired over their lifetime or if they are just getting started out, their first purchases.
Personally, I really enjoy networking with others and being able to give back and contribute to my community. When I am not working I enjoy boating or taking a RV trip with my family and friends.
I am very passionate about the IncubaTOR Program at Ball High School because it focuses on helping the students make a difference on this world. I’ve also donated my time for charities as a Master of Ceremonies and an Auctioneer.

Michelle Pistone-Quijano
Agency Manager

I started with The O’Donohoe Agency in 1990 right after graduating from O’Connell High School. Therefore, I’ve been in the insurance industry nearly thirty years!
I am a First Generation BOI (Born On the Island).
What excites me most about my job is working with customers and helping them with their insurance needs.
I’ve been married for 18 years now and have two beautiful children. When I’m not working I love spending every moment with them!
In my spare time I am an avid Amazon shopper and also enjoy walking around the lake, but most of all spending time with family!

David O’Donohoe
Founding Agent & Consultant

Lacey Kotrla
Associate Agent

I grew up in south Texas near Corpus Christi, and I have been in the insurance industry for 14 years. I take pride in always going above and beyond to help our customers and provide them with peace of mind.

Some of my hobbies include hiking with my dog, spending time with friends and family, and kayaking. Most of my weekends are spent traveling out of town to visit family and friends.

Mark Blancken
Associate Agent

I was raised in the Austin area and went to Texas State University.  In 2017 I got my CIC, Certified Insurance Counselor, designation which requires over 100 classroom hours and five written tests.  It is basically a master’s class about insurance policies. My parents started an insurance agency in 1996, and my first job was working in their office.  I owned my own agency for 13 years and sold it to my parents when I moved to Galveston, TX.  I started working for Mr. O’Donohoe as a sales agent in order to focus on my strength of selling and explaining coverage to clients and prospects. I really enjoy helping clients custom tailor their insurance to meet their current and future needs.  One of my strengths is being able to explain coverage and policies in a way that is easy to understand. I am passionate about insurance and helping clients meet their needs.

Outside of work hours I love woodworking and building projects. One of my guilty pleasures is card magic and collecting playing cards. Most weekends I am hanging out with my four kids or spending time in my woodshop working on a new project.

I am a member of Rotary and an active supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association for research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. As a member of Rotary, I am also able to have opportunities to help the community both locally and internationally as well.


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