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No Excuse for Child Abuse
April 19, 2022

All voices deserve to be heard, yet youths often do not feel secure and cannot speak up for themselves. In communities across the country, children experiencing abuse and neglect stay silent. The issue is substantial, but just how bad is it? In Texas, 184 children are confirmed victims daily, and more than 7 children are maltreated […]

Differently abled, not disabled: supporting Autism Awareness
January 20, 2022

It can be tremendously difficult and distressing for a parent to find that their child has been diagnosed with a developmental handicap. Families must learn to manage the new problems and obligations that come with having a loved one on the spectrum during this time. Aside from the emotional toll, families caring for special needs […]

Serving Up Hope
October 26, 2021

As the holiday season approaches it’s easy to appreciate the basic necessities such as a warm meal to celebrate with family and friends. However, the reality is that many struggles putting food on the table on a regular basis let alone a holiday meal. 1 in 8 Texans struggles with food insecurity which is one […]

Prevention Begins With You: Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence
July 26, 2021

At our agency, we believe that the home should be a safe haven and the one place of protection from the crazy chaos that can sometimes make itself present in the outside world. But what happens when it is just as toxic at home and there is no escape? This is the real-life of victims […]

Protecting Those Who Protect Us: Supporting First Responders
April 26, 2021

Our agency is proud to support the hard work of first responders in our community. They help keep us safe from harm’s way and create a secure environment for us all. This is why we are excited to be supporting the 50 Club of Galveston County in their efforts to support the families of those […]

Cancer is a Word, not a Sentence: Supporting Children with Cancer
January 20, 2021

Though a tragic diagnosis, here at The O’Donohoe Agency we believe it should be regarded as an illness, and not a sentence. Through well-supported research and well-funded treatment, cancer can be overcome. Still, we acknowledge the gravity of the illness, especially in children. Our agency is very passionate about supporting those living with cancer, as […]

Our Community, Our Hospital: Supporting The Care of our Children
October 19, 2020

We here at the O’Donohoe Agency value the hard work of healthcare professionals, especially amidst a global pandemic. They are a vital part of every community and deserve all the support they can get during such troubling times. This is why we are proud to announce that we will be supporting Shriners Hospitals for Children […]

Support Local Children in Need by Having Fun!
July 17, 2020

At our agency, we value community and supporting youths in our neighborhoods. Luckily, Galveston and its surrounding areas are brimming with various charities aiding local children in need. This is so true that sometimes, it becomes overwhelming to decide where to donate — a problem that Yaga’s Children’s Fund is here to help with, while […]

Let’s Help Distribute Food to Local Families Affected by COVID-19
April 23, 2020

Our agency is on a mission to help meet the growing demand for food services in Galveston County due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. By supporting the remarkable work being done by Galveston County Food Bank, we are committed to raising awareness and funds for this very worthy cause. We can join forces to help […]

The school day may end, but learning doesn’t have to!
February 6, 2020

The O’Donohoe Agency is excited to continue our effort to provide children in Texas with the educational resources needed to be successful. When the school day ends the teachers get to go home, but not everyone does. Many students rely on after school programs to offer a safe place for them while their parents are […]

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