Support Local Children in Need by Having Fun!

At our agency, we value community and supporting youths in our neighborhoods. Luckily, Galveston and its surrounding areas are brimming with various charities aiding local children in need. This is so true that sometimes, it becomes overwhelming to decide where to donate — a problem that Yaga’s Children’s Fund is here to help with, while also building community through their annual BBQ cook-off! Because at the O’Donohoe Agency we understand the importance of solidarity and giving back, we have decided to support Yaga’s Children Fund in accomplishing their mission of helping to donate to various regional children’s charities.

The Yaga’s Children’s Fund Wild Game & BBQ Cook-off began in 1997 with the intention of creating a family fun oriented two-day event in the downtown district. It includes live music, local vendors raising money, and so much more! Yaga’s Children’s Fund grew each year, and in 2002 twenty-three teams participated with an attendance of over 3,000 people across three city blocks and were able to raise $20,000 towards that year’s charities. Throughout the 23 years of the event, and now entering its 24th year, the Yaga’s Children’s Fund has allocated an excess of $1,300,000 for Galveston County children’s charities. Though the event itself has been canceled this year as a result of COVID-19, the current volunteer board works hard year-round to fund numerous charities with the assistance of generous sponsors and cook teams.

We admire Yaga’s Children’s Fund and their contributions to both children in need and strengthening relationships between residents, especially through such a fun annual event. That is why when you recommend someone to us for a quote, we offer to donate $10 on your behalf. And yes, that is for EACH friend you send us. It really is that easy to give back!


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