Prevention Begins With You: Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence

At our agency, we believe that the home should be a safe haven and the one place of protection from the crazy chaos that can sometimes make itself present in the outside world. But what happens when it is just as toxic at home and there is no escape? This is the real-life of victims of domestic abuse must face. Much like us, the Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston County, Inc. believes that communities must promote the safety, well-being, and best interest of these victims while advocating for the prevention of such crimes.

The RCC is honored to provide quality comprehensive services to those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. Through advocacy, crisis intervention, support, and empowerment, their staff work with individuals and families to achieve long-term success free from abuse. They offer a series of presentations and activities to the community to raise awareness, educate on the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, and change social norms. 

With your help, we can help promote the safety of domestic abuse victims.  When you recommend someone to us for a quote, we offer to donate $10 on your behalf. And yes, that is for EACH friend you send us. How many do you have? Do the math! Are you in?



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