Empowering Children Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

The O’Donohoe Agency is proud to continue our support of low-income families so they may obtain access to educational resources that you and I may take for granted. Not only that, but we will also work with outreach efforts that provide mentorship and guidance to disaffected young adults. It is our mission to make giving back part of our every day lives. That’s why the O’Donohoe Agency is committed to championing the right to education for all children in southeast Texas.

As you know, education is immensely important because it is the key to unlocking a brighter future for many. We know we can change things for members of our community, and offer hope and relief.

“No matter what kinds of challenges our children face, it’s crucial they are provided with the most effective educational assistance we can possibly provide for them,” says Sean O’Donohoe, agency owner.


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