The school day may end, but learning doesn’t have to!

The O’Donohoe Agency is excited to continue our effort to provide children in Texas with the educational resources needed to be successful. When the school day ends the teachers get to go home, but not everyone does. Many students rely on after school programs to offer a safe place for them while their parents are still working. 

These programs are designed to educate and socialize students even after the school day ends. They offer help with homework and provide snacks. Many of them organize field trips, outdoor activities, and even sports. It is important that these programs remain intact so that these children can remain on the path to success! How can we keep and even improve these after school programs? With your support! That is why during this campaign, The O’Donohoe Agency will make a donation in your name for every person you recommend to use for a quote! Together we will brighten futures!

With a $10 donation in your name, we can make sure every student at Ball High School has the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills.

Join the #AgentsOfChange movement and let’s create a brighter future, together!

Getting involved has never been so simple – or Free!




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